It is important to see what we have already achieved and how we work, much more interesting however is what is to come. Get to know us and next time you too can be a part of it.

Passion for automobiles

We love nice cars. In the last ten years, we have had the privilege to be amongst the first to have seen brand new models by Renault, Dacia, Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi. During that time, it was our privilege to introduce those beauties to the Slovak market, each time in a truly original way. Sports cars wore out hundreds of tyres at Slovakia Ring, while beautiful SUVs or limousines astounded VIP guests in spectacular shows on the ground, on the water and also in the air.

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Large-scale events

Prime event management’s experience constitutes know-how that can’t be matched, resulting in our producing the largest company events. Open Day for Volkswagen Slovakia’s production plant employees with its 30,000 guests, the largest Slovak company event and has been under our direction since its beginning. On many occasions we presented a compelling programme on the stage of SND, bringing together over 100 performers, along with elaborate production, for the most prominent guests. But there are also beautiful moments when we have the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of thousands of children.

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Events that will never be forgotten

There are events in our memories that will always bring that butterflies in our stomach feeling. It happens every time an agency and a client meet in absolute harmony, and out of the mutual trust a unique and unforgettable moment is born, a moment that always stays in the minds of everyone involved.

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Best wishes!

Companies celebrate their birthdays and important dates differently to individuals, nevertheless, no less interestingly. Our agency was behind events celebrating milestones of multinational companies, whether they were aimed at employees or business partners. We love celebrations and are fully aware that it is apparent from our events.

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Unique conferences

To prepare and execute a large conference requires a finely tuned team of experts, who not only understand the conference technology, but also keep abreast with the latest innovations. Our clients know that when they see “Wondericon faces” that the conference under their leadership will be without a doubt unique.

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Wondericon Specials

Every single of our teambuilding events, Christmas parties, family days, sport days, St Nicholas days, or events for business parties is based on creative ideas, interesting dramaturgy and first-class management.

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